Sex Crime Cases

Sex assault charges are among the most serious one can encounter in the criminal justice system. A defendant can easily be sentenced to decades in prison and required to register and report the rest of his life as a sex offender. Defending a person charged with a sex crime requires specific knowledge that a large number of defense attorneys simply lack.


Sex assault charges are unlike any other criminal offense. They require the ability to deal with numerous state agencies, which is rarely an issue with other offenses. You need an attorney who knows how to demand the necessary discovery from these agencies, as the process is complicated and often confrontational. I have 39 years of experience defending people charged with sex crimes and successfully winning not guilties at trial.


Being charged with a sex crime also carries a stigma with it that juries have a hard time looking past. I have the aptitude that is necessary to focus the jurors’ minds on the facts and not the label. I have given lectures to other attorneys on how to handle cases where sex crimes are charged.

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