Get the most Reliable Legal Representation from a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston

Professional Background:

I have practiced criminal law exclusively for over 38 years. In 1978, I joined the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. It was, and still is, one of the largest and most dynamic offices in this country. I worked as an Assistant District Attorney on felony and misdemeanor cases under Carol Vance and John Holmes for 3 years. Then, I went into private practice in criminal defense law. In 1982, I became board certified in criminal law by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization – the highest honor and achievement an attorney in Texas can receive.


During my thirty eight years of prosecuting and defending criminal cases, I have tried literally hundreds of cases (which includes DWI cases) to both judges and juries. This naturally includes selecting hundreds of juries, handling thousands of witnesses on cross-examination, and making hundreds of arguments. I have tried these cases in both the State criminal legal system and the Federal criminal legal system. In addition, I have handled numerous criminal appeals in both the Federal and State legal systems.


Close communication between the attorney and the client is important. All clients – no matter what they are accused of or what they may have done – are entitled to treatment with dignity and respect. They are entitled to quality legal representation.

Educational Background:

I graduated from The University of Florida with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, and then, I worked shortly for Texas Instruments as an Electrical Engineer. After that, I went to South Texas College of Law and graduated with a doctorate degree in jurisprudence.

39 Years of Successful Practice of Criminal Law

If quality representation at a reasonable price concerns you, please call me for a free initial consultation. No case is too small or too large.

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